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Roland MV-8800

The MV-8800 is Roland’s new flagship music-production studio. It offers a fully equipped sampler and synthesizer with parameters that can be edited and automated with the assignable sliders or with an optional VGA monitor and mouse. It’s also a multitrack recorder equipped with an automated 24-channel stereo mixer and effects processor. Mastering tools are provided, as well, including a parametric mastering EQ, enhancer, expander, multiband compressor, mastering limiter, and soft-clip algorithm with output dithering.

Real-time bpm matching allows users to synchronize hundreds of loops, hits or vocal phrases at once by tapping the tempo into the MV. An MV-formatted sound library is preinstalled on the hard drive. It provides more than 50 newly created drum kits, including a special collection of 16 vintage drum machines such as the Roland TR-808 and TR-909. Acoustic and electric pianos, strings, guitars, horns, synth basses and other essential instruments are also included.

The MV-8800 also offers built-in modern and vintage effects, including models of classic Roland SRV reverbs, SDD-320 Chorus, 325 Flanger, Boss BF-2 and HF-2 pedals, and the RE-201 Space Echo. The MV8800’s multi-effects processor includes an Analog Modeling Bass that turns the multi-effects engine into a virtual SH-style bass synthesizer. All multi-effects knob tweaks can be automated as you mix.

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