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Roland’s 64-bit Windows Drivers are Available for Edirol FireWire Interfaces

Roland’s Version 1.0 drivers for 64-bit Windows computers are now available for Edirol’s FA-66 and FA-101 FireWire audio interfaces. Although most 32-bit software applications can operate on a 64-bit computing system, a true 64-bit driver is required for all hardware peripherals, including audio and MIDI interfaces.

Roland introduced USB 2.0 high-speed drivers for Mac OS X Tiger for Edirol’s UA-101 USB 2.0 audio interface. The FA-101 FireWire interface supports native Core Audio on Mac OS X; no driver installation is required. The FA-66 also supports native Core Audio.

Sixty-four-bit drivers are available for download from for numerous Edirol audio interfaces.

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