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Roland’s S-MADI REAC Bridge Expands Compatibility with MADI-Capable Digital Consoles

Roland Systems Group debuted its S-MADI REAC Bridge at this year’s InfoComm Show in June. The S-MADI REAC Bridge, a bi-directional signal converter between MADI and REAC, enables connectivity between Roland’s REAC products (M-48 Personal Mixing System) to MADI-equipped digital audio mixers/systems, including DiGiCo’s SD7, SD8, SD9 and D Series consoles. DiGiCo states that its technical director, John Stadius, worked closely with Roland engineers to ensure smooth functionality and interconnectivity with DiGiCo’s mixing systems.

Roland S-MADI REAC Bridge

“We appreciate DiGiCo’s enthusiasm and support of the S-MADI,“ says John Broadhead, vice president of Roland Systems Group. “We’re pleased that the world of REAC products can now be interconnected with any MADI device. In particular, the award-winning M-48 Personal Mixing System is a great pairing with high-end digital mixing solutions, such as what is offered from DiGiCo and their D and SD Series consoles.”

The S-MADI satisfies the increasing demand for a digital connection between large digital mixing consoles and Roland’s M-48 Personal Mixing System and Digital Snakes. It is also designed to easily distribute/split audio from V-Mixing Systems or Digital Snake systems to outside broadcast trucks and other MADI-equipped locations.

The S-MADI REAC Bridge features 40 channels of bi-directional conversion between REAC and MADI; MADI coaxial and optical I/O; support for REAC Embedded Power to power M-48 Personal Mixer and/or S-0808 I/O unit; support for 44.1/48 kHz with locking to WORD, MADI or REAC clocks; and 56- and 64-channel REAC/MADI offset support

Visit Roland Systems Group for more information about the S-MADI REAC Bridge.