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Royer Mics Capture ‘Spider-Man 2’

Don Gilmore used Royer’s R-122 to record guitars for Dashboard Confessional and Train, both for the Spiderman 2 soundtrack.

Don Gilmore produced two songs for the blockbuster Spider-Man 2 soundtrack at NRG Recording in North Hollywood, using Royer Labs’ phantom-powered SF-24 and R-122 ribbon mics for various instruments.

“The studio had recently acquired Royer’s SF-24,” notes Gilmore, who produced Linkin Park’s latest album at NRG. “I used it on my sessions with both Dashboard Confessional and Train. The SF-24 has a great top end. This mic sounds really good for many different instruments and applications.” Gilmore also used Royer R-122s as drum room microphones and to record electric guitars.

The SF-24 and R-122 were later used by Canadian folk act the Wailin’ Jennys during a live performance broadcast over Folkscene (, a program of traditional and contemporary music broadcast on-air and over the Internet.

Los Angeles–based audio consultant Steve Barker and his partner Peter Cutler recorded the group for Folkscene, using the SF-24 for the bulk of the performance—capturing both the voices and the instruments—and the R-122 for bodhran.

Barker used the SF-24 for its Blumlein configuration (the ability to create a stable and articulate stereophonic image by using the SF-24’s two matched ribbon microphones placed one above the other, each aimed 45 degrees from center) to create a more natural balance among the vocalists. “By placing the softer voice on the non-inverting side of the SF-24 and the more powerful voices on the inverting [back] side of the mic, I was able to create a better overall vocal blend,” says Barker.

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