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Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5032 Mic Pre/EQ

Rupert Neve Designs has launched the new single-channel Portico 5032 mic pre/EQ, which shares the same half-rackspace form factor and features the Portico 5012 Mic Pre Duo with the addition of a 3-band equalizer.

The 5032 equalizer encompasses high and low shelving controls that feature Mr. Rupert Neve’s traditional curves and EQ frequency selection, with the low shelf offering +/-15 dB at 160 Hz and the high shelf switchable between 8 kHz and 16 kHz. Additionally, a fully parametric mid-band offers +/-15 dB attenuation and variable Q over a range of 80 Hz to 8,000 Hz when the x10 switch is engaged. A fully swept high-pass filter is also included, with a range of 20 Hz to 250 Hz at 12 dB per octave.

The classic warmth and presence of Mr. Neve’s audio circuit designs may be added to the output by selecting the front panel Silk switch. Gain control over the range of 0 (Unity) to 66 dB is provided on a rotary switch in 6dB steps, with an associated trim control offering +/-6 dB of continuously variable adjustment, thus giving a total gain range of -6 to + 72 dB. There are front panel switches for microphone/line input selection, +48V for the mic input, signal mute and phase reverse and Silk.

The 5032 can be used either standalone or as a component part of a larger array of modules forming a simple, intuitive and powerful mixing system. A To Buss switch allows the 5032 to access bussing in a custom-configured, multi-module setup or to assign a signal to a solo or cue buss embodied in other Portico modules.

Transformer-coupled input and output stages, very short signal paths, minimal negative feedback and effectively single-sided amplifiers form the essential building blocks of the new Rupert Neve Designs Portico product range. The Portico 5032, like the rest of the Portico range, uses a new Input Transformer that accepts high signal levels at very low distortion and an Output Transformer fed from a single-sided amplifier, completely precluding the possibility of crossover distortion.

The single-channel Portico 5032 Mic Pre/EQ will carry an introductory direct sales price of $1650.

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