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Sanken CO-100K

Sanken’s (booth #429) CO-100K is a superwide-range, omnidirectional, 100kHz mic that is designed for professional high-resolution recording, including music recording with a wide dynamic range (for example, acoustic instruments), sound effects, and orchestral and live recording environments.


Designed by Sanken with NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories, the CO-100K takes advantage of the heightened frequency response of high-resolution digital audio formats. The absence of brick wall filters in the AD/DA conversion process eliminates certain noticeable artifacts and anomalies commonly generated within the standard audio bandwidth.

The CO-100K features very fast transients with a smooth response curve, resulting in great clarity and transparency. With the ability to capture sounds in the ultra-high-frequency range, the microphone also produces high-quality results in the low and midrange of the audible frequency range.

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