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Sanken Introduces CS-2 Short Shotgun Mic

Sanken Microphones in Tokyo, Japan, introduces the CS-2 shotgun microphone ($TBA), which is designed to capture distant sound with a rich and natural tone. The CS-2 offers extended reach in a standard length mic via the company’s unique gradient tube length and proprietary rectangular diaphragm design.

The CS-2 promises sharp directivity with a 120mm (4.75-inch) long acoustic tube in a standard 250mm (10-inch) length/19mm (3/4-inch) diameter body. As a result, it is said to produce a rich, natural tone throughout the frequency spectrum and emulate the operation of much longer shotgun microphones.

Sanken recommends the lightweight CS-2 for camera-mounted or boom pole operations, outdoor location sound, interviews, sports, drama and variety shows. A new Sanken feature, the “high boost switch,” compensates for the attenuation of high frequencies when the mic is used with a windscreen/windjammer for outdoor use for a full, natural sound.

An external brass chassis promises increased durability, while the PPS (Poly-gold Phenylene Sulfide) diaphragm membrane provides optimum resistance to changes caused by adverse temperature and humidity. The resulting sound is said to be consistent throughout the day in a wide variety of environments and changing climatic conditions.

The new Sanken CS-2 is available through selected dealers. For more information about Sanken, visit U.S. distributor plus24 at or call 323/845-1171.