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Sara Evans Takes VENUE Profile on the Road

John Dauphinee, front-of-house engineer for contemporary country vocalist Sara Evans, is among the latest adopters of the Digidesign VENUE D-Show Profile. Designed by Showco Nashville, Evan’s new VENUE system includes a 48-channel stage rack with 24 analog outputs via three 8-channel output cards, in addition to the IOx FOH expansion card located in the local FOH rack. Also included are the ECx Ethernet remote-control option and FWx FireWire recording interface cards that provides interface to a Mac PowerBook running Pro Tools LE.

FOH engineer John Dauphinee

According to the engineer, “Being a former user of another digital console, I decided to jump right in head-first and order the new D-Show Profile.. It looked perfect for the theater tour we are doing so I asked around and everybody said D-Show was the way to go. I downloaded the software and went to work while waiting for the [VENUE D-Show] Profile to become available.

“I barely even looked at the manual,” he continues. “I received it two days before we had to load the truck and had one day of rehearsal before the tour began. It has been an amazing experience. The flexibility and configuration options open up so many possibilities that I find myself wanting to load in early!”

Dauphinee has made unique use of plug-ins, in particular the Focusrite D2, which primarily handles equalization for the main P.A. system. Dauphinee claims to love the ability to use Profile just as he uses an analog console, but has now begun easing into working with snapshot animation for mutes, pan and effects settings on a per-song basis.

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