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sE Electronics sE4, GM10

sE Electronics sE4 condenser mic

sE Electronics introduces the sE4 condenser mic ($330; approx. $673/pair), which replaces the company’s sE3 model. The sE4 is described as a remodeled sE3, designed to sound and perform the same, but with a re-engineered chassis that accepts two additional interchangeable capsules, a hypercardioid and an omni.

Capsule sets will cost approximately $330 and $673, respectively, for single and matched-pair mics. The new capsules will not fit on the current sE3 model. Both single and matched pairs of mic and capsule sets will be available, and the packaging has also been updated with sE’s high-spec black aluminum, steel reinforced flight cases. All sE4 packages ship with full suspension shock-mounts included.

sE Electronics GM10 Guitar Microphone

sE Electronics has also unveiled the GM10 Guitar Microphone (approx. $560), a diminutive condenser model designed for easy positioning that is optimized to record acoustic guitar. The GM10 promises a good transient response and incorporates a clamp mechanism that holds the body of the mic in place close to the guitar. The gold-sputtered, Mylar-type capsule is separated from the preamp along an extension arm that allows the user to position the capsule over any area of the sound box. The GM10 capsule also has a patent-pending, built-in shock-mount for helping to isolate the diaphragm from the guitar’s mechanical noise. The GM10 can be permanently set in the correct position. The mic and assembly ship together in a black aluminum flight case.

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