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Season 2, Episode 3 of Composer Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL) “Studio Time”

Throughout 20 Episodes and 13 Hours, Holkenborg Takes You Into One Of Music’s Most Singular Studios and Behind the Music of a Unique Hollywood Composer

Studio Time: Season 2 Covers Strings, Analog Synths, Drum Machines, Plug-Ins, Guitars & Performance – The Original Composing Masterclass.

Tom Holkenborg is one of Hollywood’s top and most unique composers, with recent credits including Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, Black Mass and the upcoming Justice League. In Studio Time, the Grammy nominated former industrial noise and electronic music producer peals back the curtain to invite aspiring producers and composers from around the world the chance to learn directly from one of Hollywood’s most exciting and innovative composers.

In each of Studio Time’s 20 episodes, viewers are transported into Tom’s personal world of music exploration. He takes you into the heart of his creation chamber to offer an intimate, unrivaled combination of technical expertise, practical how to’s, real world career advice and laughs via one of Hollywood’s top composers and a Platinum selling recording artist.  

Tom’s studio is an audio science lab, packed full of rare instruments, mountains of gear and Tom’s famed Modular Wall. Studio Time gives the audience a chance to explore this musical petri dish, and get up close and personal with a forward thinking artist who blends extensive classical knowledge with technical studio mastery. Studio Time is Tom getting down and dirty with all his gear and revealing his highly unusual approach to composition and demonstrating how he earned the moniker of being a ‘full contact composer’.

Tom created these video tutorials to show people how he works, and most importantly, to help others learn and realize their goals. Education is a labor of love for Tom and one of his life’s passions. He created a Bachelor Program at the renowned ArtEZ Conservatorium, in his home town of Enschede, for music composition, from which more than 200 students have graduated. Studio Time allows Tom to continue his commitment to education and mentorship in the digital age. Viewers can watch all the content for free, and Tom created it without any external funding.

Episodes in Studio Time: Season 2 include Synthesizer specials on Korg, Roland and Yamaha, Hardware Samples, and introduction to Tom’s modular wall and Modular Synthesis, Sampling, Guitar Pedals and Effects, Composing for Strings, Plug-Ins and much more. New episodes launch every Friday starting April 7, and can be watched on Tom’s YouTube page @

Watch Studio Time: S2E3 – The Modular Wall