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Sennheiser Laughs It Up

Launched in 2003 by the husband/wife songwriting team of Lisa Michaelis and Billy Schlosser to spend more quality time with their young daughter, Emily, Laughing Pizza’s infectious pop style and fun live shows have led to a fast-growing profile nationwide.

Schlosser’s earlier studio experiences working extensively with audiophile musicians such as Steely Dan helped him establish high standards for his signal path. “I was exposed to a lot of top-end studio equipment for a long time and Sennheiser microphones always represented the pinnacle of technology,” says Schlosser from his Atlanta-based personal studio. “Laughing Pizza plays hundreds of live shows a year, and anywhere we go, we have Sennheiser wireless mics, which are essential for getting the best possible sound from the stage to the kids and families that we perform for.”

For Laughing Pizza, making a quick connection to the audience with the precision audio of their Sennheiser EW152G2-A hands-free headset and EW135G2-C handheld wireless mics is a must. “It’s important that our live sound is comparable to our sound coming off of the CD,” Schlosser explains. “Our songs are for kids, the clarity of the words is key, and that’s why we went with Sennheiser: The ability of the mics to cut through and communicate the vocals and their message is outstanding. The sound they deliver has a round, full weight and a certain punchiness that other mics just can’t match. You can really feel the difference in the sound.”

Schlosser relies on the Sennheiser wireless systems’ ability to provide 1,440 tunable UHF frequencies and high RF output power for interference-free performance all day, no matter where the band plays. “Once we did a show here in Atlanta at an 800-seat venue back when I could only afford to have one Sennheiser wireless mic,” he recalls. “The other two wireless mics I had didn’t work in the venue. They couldn’t get a clear channel, had interference and their output was too low for the console, so I had to rush out and get two more Sennheisers from a local music store. Since then, I’ve been all over the country, and those mics have worked perfectly in every venue Laughing Pizza has played in.”

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