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Sennheiser Tourguide System 2020

At InfoComm 2006, Sennheiser (booth #2279) is introducing its digital wireless tour guide: the Tourguide System 2020. The fully digital transmission system, which allows a guide to address a tour group on wireless earphones via a hands-free microphone, offers superior intelligibility and reliability of operation due to increased insensitivity to interference compared to traditional analog systems.

Sennheiser’s engineers have integrated all of the wireless receiver components into a single hands-free unit that weighs just 65 grams, including batteries. The receiver can generate sound pressure levels of more than 120 dB.

Operation of the lightweight receiver is simple. Opening the receiver’s ear bows switches the unit on for the selected channel. Removing the unit and closing the ear bows returns the device to Standby mode. Changes in level are made using a large volume wheel, while a switch located in the center of the level control provides channel selection. The LCD readout shows the selected operating frequency and channel identification, indicates the current volume level and provides battery control.

The system’s beltpack transmitter and headset offer hands-free communication with the additional advantage that the fixed distance from the tour guide’s mouth to the microphone ensures that the voice levels remain consistent at each receiver and do not require constant adjustment. The beltpack transmitter has two audio inputs, one for the headset and another one for line signals, each with separate sensitivity adjustment. A Mute switch on the microphone input allows the operator to continue talking over the line input or to distribute only the line-level source.

The tour operator may adjust a single receiver to a specific frequency channel, place the receiver into the copy slot in the case and then press the Copy button to assign all receivers to the selected channel. All receivers are delivered at a comfortable volume level that can be adjusted individually by the visitor if required.

The charging and transport case accepts 90 240 VAC at 50 to 60 Hz and can accommodate 20 receivers and the beltpack transmitter. Three hours of charging time guarantees at least eight hours of operation.

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