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Sensaphonics dB Check

The new dB Check in-ear sound-level analyzer is designed to work with Sensaphonics custom earphones. The handheld unit measures and displays the actual A-weighted SPL and the recommended safe exposure time for that level on both the NIOSH and OSHA scales.

To use the dB Check, plug it in between the sound source (IEM bodypack, iPod, etc.) and the earphones. The user selects the Sensaphonics model being used. sets the duration (from one minute to two hours) and monitors normally. In operation, the dB Check displays the A-weighted decibel level in real time. When the duration expires, the LCD shows both the average SPL and the recommended daily exposure time under both NIOSH and OSHA guidelines.

While it is commonly believed that the use of personal monitors helps artists to monitor at lower levels, a recent Vanderbilt University study shows that, in practice, most musicians tend to turn up their IEMs to the same levels they are used to enduring with floor wedges. The study also showed that while IEM systems are capable of allowing musicians to monitor at lower levels, the artists using them need proper instruction to realize the benefits.

Additional functionality built into the dB Check includes a condenser microphone for taking room-level measurements. The unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and ships in a rugged Pelican case. Supplied accessories include an audio interconnect cable and USB charging cable.

The dB Check in-ear sound level analyzer is now shipping. For more information, visit