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Showtime Gets a Burst From Creative Bubble

Michael Barrett, senior audio engineer and sound designer at Burst, and Doug Dimon, senior flame artist/designer at Creative Bubble, teamed up to deliver a new Showtime logo. The 10-second logo, designed and art-directed by Showtime’s Damian Mager, was inspired by the concept of using long exposures to capture moving lights on film. Other key production crew members include producer Lorraine O’Conner (Showtime); director Crystal Hall (Showtime); Doug Dimon, compositing and animation at Creative Bubble; and Javier Gonzalez, post-production supervisor at Creative Bubble.

Barrett provided music, sound design and mixes for the logo. Marcelo Gandola, Burst owner and senior engineer, used the project as an opportunity to upgrade the main Room A to full 5.1 capabilities. The crew worked on a Pro Tools|HD3 system and Control24 console.

“For the surround mix, a lot of the effects are being utilized in the rear speakers as well as full 360-degree pannings,” Barrett explains. “When looking at the graphics Doug and Damien came up with, I wanted the music and sound design to pop off the screen and have a lot of dimension. The overall vibe is intense and gritty with an underlying electronic beat to it.”

Final video for the Showtime logo reveal was delivered in standard and hi-def, as well as a film version that will be used for all theatrical and festival releases of Showtime films; audio was delivered in stereo and 5.1.

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