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Shure Design Studio Offers Customization for Select Wireless Microphones

Shure Incorporated has launched the Shure Design Studio, an online platform enabling BLX and GLX-D Wireless System users to customize handheld microphones. With six standard color choices, and the option to upload images and text, BLX and GLX-D users can affordably personalize their wireless handhelds with custom-made handles.

The customization process uses a unique dye transfer technology. This enables users to wrap their design around the entire microphone, and results in a durable image that can withstand a host of environmental factors. 

Select models are available in six solid color options—white, silver, gold, pink, blue, and red—for $29 (plus shipping and handling). Additionally, visitors can create custom designs by selecting from an extensive library of patterns and designs, or by uploading their own text or graphics. Custom designs are available for $79 (plus shipping and handling).

Microphone customization is currently available for all seven of the BLX and GLX-D handhelds. The six solid color options are available for all except the GLXD2/BETA87A and GLXD2/BETA86. 

Shure states that the custom and color handles are easy to install and remove—simply unscrew the standard black cover and replace it with the new cover. As a result, BLX and GLX-D users can easily switch between styles and are not burdened with the hassle and wait of shipping their microphone to a factory for customization. Shure is offering a 90-day warranty. 

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