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Shure Mikes ‘Dancing With the Stars’

As in the past, wireless systems continue to play a critical role in the audio production of Dancing With the Stars; this season’s cable-free blueprint was designed by Burbank, Calif.-based Soundtronics Wireless, with a wide-ranging array of lavalier and handheld transmitters, including Shure’s UHF-R wireless.

“It’s up to the artists to give this show its audio personality and depth, and they know precisely what they’re after,” says Soundtronics’ Dave Bellamy. “Shure’s UHF-R is the tool that helps them create; it’s the mic of request. I’ve never heard any complaints about it.”

For Bellamy, part of the show’s challenge centers around dealing with the sheer number of microphones it requires. “The A2s are handling a lot of microphones, as well as a lot of talent,” he adds. “Oftentimes, there is as little as five minutes available to mike an artist and do a soundcheck, then they’re onstage. These are critical moments, and the UHF-R systems have yet to let us down. They perform great, have excellent sensitivity and everyone feels very comfortable with them.”

Sound for the show is mixed by Evan Adelman.

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