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Sibelius In the Chair 2

Sibelius Software and Australian company In the Chair have collaborated to create In the Chair 2, a new version of In the Chair’s practice system scheduled to be released this fall.

In the Chair 2.0 offers rich media content, including streaming video of a conductor directing the specific piece of music that a student is practicing, and an orchestra with real instrument sounds instead of synthesized tones generated by a computer soundcard.

In the Chair offers an online “flight simulator” that lets students perform along with an actual band or orchestra. The real-time video of the conductor, combined with the notation, teaches students the discipline necessary to play with an ensemble at real performance tempos. The system is currently available for clarinet, flute, trumpet, violin, cello, recorder and saxophone, and more instruments will be added to the fall 2006 release.

Thanks to collaboration between software engineers from the two companies, In the Chair 2 will blend Sibelius’ Scorch technology with the In the Chair engine. Scorch is an interactive Web browser for the display and playback of musical notation, and as part of In the Chair 2, it will enable users to import musical scores into the application without prior markup from a massive range of commercially available material.

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