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SLS Adds InnovaSon

Full-service production companies in the south of France, Sound and Light Systems (SLS) has recently taken delivery of two Sy80 digital mixing consoles from InnovaSon. SLS is based in Alès near Nîmes and has recently opened offices in Longjumeau south of Paris.

According to SLS proprietor Léon van Empel, “It’s not just about spending money; it’s also about making sure we stay up to date with what’s going on in the market so that when we do spend the money, we spend it wisely on products that will both satisfy our clients and offer us a good return on our investment. That is one of the reasons why we opted for InnovaSon consoles rather than any other brand. They offer a price-to-performance ratio that is currently hard to beat, especially since the launch of their new modules; the universal output module, which is a great space- and hassle-saver, as all your output choices are now in just one module; and, of course, the new internal effects module adds even more value. It’s a good choice for us as we’re experiencing more and more demand for InnovaSon, especially for the French market, and the evolutionary platform means that we can always be working with the latest version of the console. ”

Van Empel also says that his goal is to transform his current console stock to 100-percent digital during the next two years. “There’s no doubt that digital consoles are more and more in demand, and far more profitable for what we do than the analog equivalents,” he adds. “Digital consoles in general take up less space in the warehouse, and in the trucks they are much lighter to transport and they eliminate the need for endless racks of outboard. What we liked about the InnovaSon consoles in particular was the ease of use; all our engineers were up and running in minutes, which is great in festival situations where you have lots of visiting engineers, and the fantastic sound quality of the desks.”

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