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SLS Chosen by Merestone Productions

Doug Stanny, audio engineer for Merestone Productions (Scottsdale, Az.), has recently been bringing in an SLS RLA/2 for many major sound system designs.

“For one particular event held in Las Vegas, we had to set up the rig in a tent, a real acoustical nightmare,” says Stanny. “The SLS units demonstrated outstanding durability as they unfalteringly performed during dramatic temperature fluctuations, rain, gusty winds and dust. Considering the conditions we had to deal with, the SLS sound system was really amazing.

“Every event and venue is different,” continues Stanny. “The SLS speakers make it easier to achieve optimal sound quality and performance for all projects. We are able to ground-stack them or fly them to conform to the room. They have the cleanest pristine sound compared to others on the market.”

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