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SLS Hangs From Catholic Parish

St. Martha’s Catholic Parish (Murietta, Calif.) has installed an SLS Loudspeakers sound system for its 1,600-seat sanctuary. Jeff Miller of Sound Technology Consultants specified the design and Tim Carlson of AMT Systems completed the installation.

“The worship leaders wanted a building that would give them a lot of new tools for the wide range of musical arrangements performed during services,” says Miller. “Acoustically, their desire was to have a room that would really support those functions and still maintain a high level of clarity. They wanted something where the orchestral players and choir would have a nice resonant character without the intelligibility problems typically associated with an acoustically ‘live’ building. We went with the SLS Loudspeakers products because we knew they would help us to achieve this goal.”

The seating at St. Martha’s is in a U-shape surrounding the altar on three sides. The choir loft is facing the altar at a 90-degree angle, speaking down the length of the building. One system is set up for the altar area comprising two LS8695 column line arrays per side, recessed into the walls located on each side of the altar. In addition to the line arrays, US8190Ts are used to reach the area directly to the side of the column units and also as delay speakers to cover the back four corners of the auditorium. The delay speakers hang from wood truss beams and were custom-painted to match the building’s décor.

The choir area has a separate music system comprising four 112RTs. Two units are positioned on each side of the loft area and are hung from beams flanking the future organ location.The choir is also using US8190s as floor monitors. These units provide the primary reinforcement for anything happening in the choir area. In addition, the four delay speakers are fed by this system to cover the corners of the room.

There are two 215EL dual 15-inch subwoofers mounted on the front wall of the building, which are fed by both systems for low-frequency reinforcement.

Miller designed the project using SLS’ Line Array Simulation Software (LASS) to position the speakers for optimum coverage, limiting any challenges faced during installation. “We installed Unistrut on the sides of the speaker cavities to allow for flexibility in aiming,” states Carlson. “If any changes needed to be made in regard to the placement, we just undid some bolts and slid the units forward or back. It was a simple installation and we are very pleased with the results.”

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