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SM Pro Audio PM8

Kaysound, the North American distributor for SM Pro Audio, is now shipping the PM8, an 8×4 passive mixer/summing unit designed to help users of DAW systems achieve detailed mixes with superb stereo imaging and punch by avoiding AD/DA conversions.

Using high-quality components, the PM8 merges up to eight analog channels into stereo pairs, with sonic depth and dynamics intact. It offers level control, panning and muting controls. The PM8 also allows users to integrate outboard reverbs, EQ units, vintage synths and other audio equipment with their DAW projects. Multiple PM8 units can be stacked for more input channels.

The PM8 has eight XLR/TRS Neutrik combo connector inputs, a 25-pin D-sub input connector, two pairs of stereo XLR balanced outputs, two stepped attenuator controls for level adjustment and an internal power supply that’s switchable between 110 and 230 volts.

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