SmartSound Software, Wexler Video Reach Agreement


SmartSound Software announced an agreement to pre-install its music scoring solution onto video editing workstations rented by Wexler Video, an equipment and services provider to Hollywood’s production and post-production community. Approximately 400 Avid Unity, Avid Media Composer, Avid Xpress Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro systems now include SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4 software and SmartSound's music library.

SmartSound accommodated Wexler’s rental customers by developing the Production Buyout Music License. This gives producers perpetual rights to any exported SmartSound music that is synchronized to a production for a one-time rate of $250 per 30 minutes of finished program time. This means that distribution of a program scored with the SmartSound solution can be expanded to new markets or mediums without requiring the producer to pay additional licensing costs.

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