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Solid State Logic AWS 900 Sales Pushes 100

Worldwide sales of the Solid State Logic AWS 900 Analogue Workstation System, sold by Guitar Center and GC Pro in the U.S., AudioPro International Inc. in Canada and Vari International in Mexico, are approaching 100, with 50 of them in North America.

Installations include everything from high-end studios and production suites to project studios and rental houses. Recent recipients include Will Smith and Alicia Keys’ studios, producer and A&R executive David Kershenbaum’s private facility, and engineer Denis Savage for use with Celine Dion and others at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

“It’s nice to finally have a console that seamlessly blends the analog and digital studio world,” says Terry Lewis of Flyte Tyme, who, with partner Jimmy Jam, purchased five AWS 900s. “The AWS 900 sounds wide, open, and punchy like an SSL should. We are loving it!”

“I’ve commissioned the AWS 900 console, a full-blown Pro Tools rig and a bunch of outboard gear,” says engineer/producer Tal Herzberg, who purchased the console for a room at Henson Recording Studios. “I really wanted the room to sonically sizzle and the AWS 900 accomplishes this, while comfortably fitting in the control room. To me, the AWS 900 is the only console produced that would fit the needs of this room.” The room has been booked nearly 100 percent since installed.

“The AWS 900 will help facilitate quick recall and remixes because of the digital control surface, while the analog portion of the console is great for multiple mic sessions,” says composer/producer Robert Rettberg of Digital Creative Service. “I have been waiting for a console like this for almost 10 years.”

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