Solid State Logic C100 HD, C100 HD-S

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Solid State Logic C100 HD-S

At NAB 2007, Solid State Logic announced two new products in its C100 Digital Broadcast Console portfolio: the C100 HD and C100 HD-S (prices TBA), which is a console for space-limited applications such as small control rooms and trucks. The C100 HD and HD-S consoles have identical feature sets, feature new Version 4 software (available to all existing clients in June 2007) and can be used with the newly expanded Centuri HD Processor or the new Centuri HD-S Processor, a smaller front-loading option.

The C100 HD consoles offer up to 512 fader inputs. With Version 4 software, the consoles support a high-density processing engine and control surfaces with access to up to 256 input channels with full processing capabilities. Additionally, the C100 HD consoles offer up to 256 additional short channel “premix” inputs with fader control, pan capabilities and access to mono, stereo and 5.1 submix (Utility) buses.

For facilities requiring dynamic automation for broadcast post-production, the C100 HD consoles now support direct control of a DAW via HUI protocol. A new low-cost MADI interface may be used with any third-party MADI equipment to further expand I/O capacity. To handle broadcast playback sources from VTRs or hard-disk playout systems, the C100 HD consoles offer a four-element channel format with full “spill” functionality. New processing libraries promise fast recall of channel processing presets, enabling users to create and store preferred settings.

Available from July 2007, the C100 HD-S surface has a narrower fader pitch and can pack 64 faders into a width of less than 92 inches. It also has low meter bridge and can accommodate storage beneath if legs are not fitted. Standard frame sizes range from 24+8 faders to 64+8 faders in 8-fader increments, with other sizes available by special order.

The new Centuri HD-S core, also available from July 2007, is a slim-line version of the processor. With a low-power design, the electronics are convection cooled and new PSUs are low-speed fan cooled for quiet operation. It features a front-loading design with no access required to the rear, with generous airflow cavities at top and bottom. The Centuri HD-S core will accept up to five DSP cards in dedicated slots, two computer cards and a GPI card, plus five additional DSP or I/O cards supporting 512 input faders. For further I/O expansion the standard routing card can host up to eight additional redundant MADI ports.

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