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Solid State Logic Drumstrip

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Solid State Logic has introduced Drumstrip, the first in a series of plug-ins for Duende. Drumstrip is designed to improve the quality of recorded drum tracks and offers five audio processing tools.

A Transient Shaper with Transient Invert helps sharpen the attack phase of a drum sound, and Transient Shaper Audition enables the user to isolate and monitor the effect of the Transient Shaper. Drumstrip also offers a dedicated drum gate with range and independent open-and-close threshold controls. It includes high- and low-frequency enhancers, and the classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor with an additional bypass function for altering band-limited compression to full-range compression. Drumstrip features an adjustable processor order, and input and output level metering with additional RMS meters.

Drumstrip for Duende will be available for sale online only at www.solid-state-logic.com. For more new product announcements, visit mixonline.com/products/new/.