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Solid State Logic Launches LMC+ Module 500 Series Compressor

Solid State Logic in Oxford, England, announces the release of its LMC+ Module ($649) for the 500 Series format modular rack platform. The LMC+ Module is an enhanced version of the company’s SSL Listen Mic Compressor.

The new version includes all of the characteristics of the original version, plus new features, such as a pair of variable SSL highpass and lowpass filters; a filters-to-compressor sidechain option; and a wet/dry blend control for instant parallel compression.

The Scoop button phase inverts the wet signal to offer sound sculpting possibilities using the Wet/Dry blend control, and the Split button engages a bandpass subtraction mode that can compress certain frequencies of the signal and leave others untouched to be blended back together at the output stage.

SSL states that LMC+ Modules will be available from SSL Resellers worldwide and from the SSL Web store from June 2015. 

Find more information about Solid State Logic’s LMC+ Module.