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Solid State Logic Releases C200 DAW Control Software

The new C200 Version 3.2 adds control and integration, including new GPI control possibilities that offer remote control of a wide range of external equipment and delivery of a new DAW control option.

In real-time applications, a new snapshot system allows sequencing and crossfade of console setups under manual or automated control. In broadcast and live applications, the new snapshot capabilities allow smooth, sophisticated scene changes that are well suited for complex entertainment shows that mix live music and dialog.

An enhanced monitor matrix allows independent adjustment of gain for individual return channels, perfect for use in complex post-production applications where multiple stem returns need to be monitored simultaneously.

Other significant V. 3.2 features include additional aux flexibility to greatly expand cue feed capability; parameter linking for parameter grouping between channels; offline setup, which allows the ability to pre-configure a console remotely; audio-follow-video features to provide tight integration with vision mixers; and M/S decode, which enhances broadcast flexibility of stereo inputs.

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