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Song Created with Receives Radio Airplay, a leading provider of musician-for-hire online collaboration services, announced that a song created via StudioTraxx received airplay on the Armed Forces Broadcast (AFB) Network after an AFB DJ came across the finished song on MySpace. The song, called “Then I Knew,” was written by Michael Colvin of Frankfurt, Germany and produced by Pershing Wells with vocals by Angela Portier, both of Louisiana.

Wells, a Louisiana-based music producer, was hired through by Colvin and tasked with transforming a simple acoustic guitar/vocal demo into a fully orchestrated commercial-ready song complete with female vocals. Pershing enlisted the help of Portier. Ten days later, the finished song was back in Germany with Colvin.

“What’s exciting about StudioTraxx is it extends my services from a small demographic to the worldwide ocean of songwriters,” says Pershing. “My first experience has been a very good one. I believe this is absolutely the best thing to happen to songwriters ever!” is the flagship service of Digital Media Global LLC, an online digital media services company that provides online solutions to the music and film industries. is actively building its talent network and is encouraging users to sign up and register. Creating an account is free.

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