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Sonic Reality Infinite Drums Multisampled Kits

Sonic Reality announces its Infinite Instrument series, a new series of high-end sampled instruments that are designed to work with streaming samplers such as Kontakt/Battery, Giga, HALion, EXS and more. The first releases from this series, the Infinite Drums collections, are focused on acoustic studio drum kits formatted as playable multisamples (no loops).

The Infinite Drums Custom volume features multisampled top-of-the-line studio drum kits, as well as drum kits belonging to drummers such as Steve Gadd, Manu Katche, Stewart Copeland, Dennis Chambers and Dave Weckl. Infinite Drums Vintage offers drum kits from the ’70s, ’60s and earlier, featuring sampled drums from brands such as Ludwig, Gretsch, Premier, Camco, Rogers, Slingerland and more. The Infinite Drums Session volume is a compilation of many of the kits from Sonic Reality and Joytown Productions’ Studio ProFile Series.

Infinite Drums titles ($249 each) are packaged on DVDs and include more than nine drum kits and 15 snares sampled at 24-bit resolution. The titles feature up to 32 dynamic switch points per key and Sonic Reality’s new proprietary, alternating 2-band I-MAP layout for control of the kits’ nuances.

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