SonicPool Announces Latest Film Projects


John Frost and Patrick Bird, co-founders and supervising sound mixers at SonicPool, a post-production facility in Hollywood, announced the company’s latest slate of film projects. SonicPool now offers mixing and sound design services for projects from all media, including studio and independent feature films, television networks, programs and promos, radio, DVD, videogames and the Web.

Working within its brand new HD Online/Color Suite (complete with a Sony SRW-5500, a true 4:4:4 resolution HD deck, and Panasonic D5 HD decks), SonicPool completed the online and color correction of the teaser trailer for the upcoming feature film Captivity for After Dark Films. SonicPool is also working on the sound mixes for two more independent films, The Wager (Eagle Rock 1 Entertainment) and Teenius, which used SonicPool’s offline and mixing services. The client was Cassidy Lunnen-Katz, Michael J. Katz and Mya Stark of Teenius Productions.

For Blink—a Hollywood-based, full-service marketing and branding agency—SonicPool recently mixed radio spots promoting a number of high-profile feature films, including spots for the Will Ferrell film Blades of Glory, The Hills Have Eyes 2, Knocked Up and 28 Days Later.

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