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Sonifex RB-OA3, RB-SSML1

Sonifex RB-OA3

UK-based manufacturer Sonifex will exhibit at the NAB 2007 show April 16-19 in Las Vegas (booth #N4928) showing two new additions to its Redbox range: the RB-OA3 1U rackmount unity gain on-air switcher and RB-SSML1 1U rackmount contribution unit.

The RB-OA3 is capable of switching four stereo pairs between three studios. Each studio can control the transmission path, two peripheral paths for equipment such as a codec or hybrid, and a “last-studio-to-offer” bus, allowing for seamless and continuous broadcast from any multi-studio radio network. A “sustain” mode also allows for a sustaining system, such as a PC automation system, to control the broadcast. Switchers can be connected together for switching up to six stereo channels between five studios. The switching is achieved using relays, except for the “last studio to offer,” which is switched by an analog switch while the transmission path is switched using latching relays. If there is a power failure to the unit, the transmission path will remain selected.

The RB-SSML1 comprises a source-selector for compressing or limiting an incoming microphone or line signal, along with selectable level metering and headphone monitor outputs. It provides the facilities often needed in news booths, voice-over booths and at remote studios for recording into a PC.

Sonifex RB-SSML1

Also showing is the DHY-03 digital telephone hybrid, which features a 75dB null, universal-line compatibility, input/output gain adjustment and metering, conferencing, RS232 control, local/remote line-hold switching and auto-answer. A new Eurocard sized version of this product, the DHY-03EC, is also available.

Finally, Version 2 of Sonifex’ D:Scribe transcription software offers transcription from DVD VOB disks and CD ripping to WMA format. This software operates with the Net-Log audio logger, which records four channels of audio to an internal hard disk for playback across a network.

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