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Sony PCM-D1

At AES, Sony introduced its new PCM-D1 portable recorder, which is designed to produce digital stereo recordings that are faithful to the original master. The PCM-D1 can be used for high-quality recording in an array of applications, including live sound, houses of worship and theatrical performance, as well as by journalists in the field.


The body of the recorder is fashioned from 1mm-thick, pressed titanium. The new recorder is lightweight; free of all drive mechanisms; equipped with sensitive, built-in condenser microphones; and designed with circuits that process stereo sound with virtually no extraneous noise.

The PCM-D1 features 96k/24-bit recording capability, 4GB internal flash memory, removable Memory Stick Pro™ high-speed storage and a built-in USB 2 port for Mac and Windows/PC operating systems.

Additional features include a built-in condenser microphones in an X/Y configuration with low self-noise, high sensitivity and nearly 30kHz frequency response; .WAV recording file-format capability; analog level meters with LED peak overload indicators; LCD with comprehensive recorder status indication and menu selection; four AA nickel metal-hydride rechargeable batteries and charger (supplied, battery life at 96 kHz of approximately four hours with rechargeable AA batteries); signal processing functions including SBM, limiter and 200Hz highpass filter; and weighs 18.5 ounces (with batteries).

The Sony PCM-D1 recorder is expected to be available in December at a suggested list price of $2,000.

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