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The Sound Guy SFX Machine RT 1.05

The Sound Guy Inc. has released SFX Machine RT 1.05, an audio multi-effects plug-in for Mac and Windows. Version 1.05 increases the available delay time by a factor of four; it also fixes a bug that could cause incorrect delays at higher sample rates.

SFX Machine RT has been used to do sound design for radio production,
TV shows, feature films, CDs and video games. The software is available in VST format for Mac OS 8/9/X and Windows, as well as Audio Unit format for Mac OS X.

SFX Machine RT comes with hundreds of presets, including conventional effects like choruses and flangers as well as a wide variety of unique effects and audio utilities. The plug-in allows automated parameter control via a simple “MIDI Learn” interface and provides a Randomize button for quick experimentation.

The SFX Machine Simulator [] is an online Flash program that provides an interactive way to try a simulated version of SFX Machine without having to download and install the demo. The demo version can be downloaded at

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