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The Sound Guy Spectral Machine Frequency-Domain Effects Plug-In

The Sound Guy Inc., a manufacturer of audio effects software in Saratoga, Calif., announces Spectral Machine ($75) frequency-domain effects plug-in for Mac and Windows. Spectral Machine offers a variety of ear-catching audio effects.

For example, users can freeze a sound, apply separate delays to different frequencies, or create multi-band tremolo effects. Spectral Machine also provides a number of effects specifically for monophonic sources, including pitch quantization and sine/noise decomposition.

Spectral Machine is available in VST and Audio Unit formats for Macintosh OS X, and in VST format for Windows. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Universal Binary), or Windows XP/Vista/7; a processing speed of 1 GHz or faster; and a VST or Audio Unit host program.

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