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Sound Ideas Releases The Ultimate Foley Collection

Sound Ideas in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, announces the release of The Ultimate Foley Collection, which is comprised of more than 2,300 Foley effects recorded from close and distant microphone positions, and using every conceivable type of footwear and surface, as well as an impressive collection of Foley group movement sounds.

The Broadcast WAV files are provided in their original 24-bit/48kHz format on three DVD ROMs, with fully embedded metadata and a separate list of the complete contents.

Included in The Ultimate Foley Collection are five separate sections: Foley Footsteps, Chair Movements, Cloth Movements, Prop Movements, and Movement Reverb.

The company says that the making of The Ultimate Foley Collection began when two Foley artists, Patti Tauscher and Chase Keehn, realized that when they needed group movement effects, they were unable to find a sound library that included them. That led Sound Ideas to go on location to Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, Calif., with Tauscher and Keehn, to take advantage of some unique recording opportunities.

Watch a video demo of The Ultimate Foley Collection on YouTube.

Find more information about The Ultimate Foley Collection on Sound Ideas’ Website.