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Sound Magic Neo Dynamic, Neo Imager Version 1.3

Sound Magic’s Neo Dynamic

Sound Magic in Beijing, China, offers Neo Dynamic as a new concept in dynamic processing technology, stating that the Windows plug-in can provide a greater sonic variety than traditional compressor/limiters along with greater ease of use. Neo Dynamic starts with 10 compressor/limiters, modeled after famous brand names such as SSL, API and TubeTech.

Sound Magic’s Sensor Network Technology tells users when over compression is occurring, even when it isn’t easily audible. Sensor Network Technology also notifies the user when the threshold is set too high. Neo Dynamic will also calculate the distortion rate based on the user’s settings and tell the user whether the result will be a transparent, clean sound or a heavy, colored sound.

Sound Magic Neo Imager

Neo Imager is a hybrid tool that combines a stereo enhancer and an imager. Users can adjust the stereo position of recorded tracks and enhance that stereo feeling as well. Neo Imager is useful for placing an instrument into a different position, or making a mono recording “pop” into a stereo feel. Neo Imager is based on an approach that Sound Magic calls Partial True Stereo Convolution.

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Find more information about Sound Magic’s Neo Imager plug-in.