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Soundcraft Interfaces With Aviom

Soundcraft announced the availability of new interface cards for its Vi Series of digital mixing consoles, enabling direct integration with Aviom’s personal monitoring system, the Pro16 Series.

The cards provide direct digital connection on a single Cat-5e cable from the Soundcraft Vi6 and newly announced Soundcraft Vi4 aux or group outputs into an Aviom Pro16 Series personal mixer. The Soundcraft A-Net 16V card can be installed or retrofitted to any Soundcraft Vi Series console rack, and outputs are assigned directly from the Vistonics II control screens on the console.

Soundcraft and Aviom collaborated with digital connectivity specialist Lab X in the development of a standard hardware card platform that can be quickly adapted for future planned interfaces to Soundcraft consoles.

The card is available in versions for either the Soundcraft Vi local rack or stagebox and eliminates the need for an analog input module (such as the AN-16/i), providing a direct digital interface between the Soundcraft console and Aviom’s Pro16 Series products.The Soundcraft A-Net 16V card is also compatible with the Aviom AN-16/o output module and both the A-16D and A-16D Pro A-Net distributors.

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