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Soundelux Microphones’ (booth #854) E251C ($3,250) is a cardioid-only, lower-cost version of the ELUX 251. The E251C uses the same capsule as the ELUX 251, but costs significantly less due to savings made in the design and manufacturing processes, such as a lower-cost body assembly, no pattern selector switch and is supplied with an imported shock-mount.


Aimed at project production rooms and studios with less-isolated environments, the E251C benefits from the inclusion of an output transformer that duplicates the intense low end of the ELUX, yet features a roll-off at 30 Hz. The mic can also be used on male and female vocals, as well as recording percussion, acoustic guitars, acoustic bass and as a main ensemble microphone.

The E251C features a high-frequency response that is present and natural, allowing vocals to sound naturally dominant without being overbearing and to come forward without being obtrusive. The E251C also features a new “brite/normal” mode switch, allowing for standard ELUX 251–type HF response or a relaxed HF response to cope with brighter singers.

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