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SoundField DSF-1

SoundField will introduce the DSF-1 surround microphone system, designed for music recording, at the fall AES convention in New York City, October 5-8, 2007. The DSF-1 Digital Microphone Controller offers high-resolution capture of ambient or image-critical audio for a variety of delivery formats, from traditional stereo to esoteric multichannel formats.

The DSF-1 can deliver mono, stereo, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 and B format, the archival medium for future formats, within the digital domain. It also promises to avoid the phase error problems associated with other multi-mic or multichannel microphone systems.

The DSF-1 comprises a SoundField microphone and a digital output preamp/processor, and is said to interface seamlessly with standard hardware and protocols. In addition to selectable 48/96/192kHz output sample rates, the DSF-1 can also output audio at 44.1/ 88.2/176.4 kHz. Both word clock input and output are provided as standard. Like the DSF-2, the DSF-1 allows users to change the microphone pickup pattern remotely from the preamp; effectively rotate and invert the mic without physically handling it; precisely adjust the angle or width of the final output in stereo or surround; and deliver the final output in mono, stereo, mid-side or surround sound.

Proprietary Surround Zone software can be used with all common DAWs, such as Digidesign Pro Tools, Steinberg Nuendo and SADiE, so that all of these adjustments can be made in post-production.

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