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Soundscapes Adds Danley to Rig

After spending 18 years in the world of finance, Langston Holland (pictured) finally fulfilled his lifelong passion for sound when he founded Soundscapes almost three years ago. Located in Pace, Fla., just outside of Pensacola, the regional sound production company services the church market across the southeastern United States.

In an effort to upgrade the company’s audio profile, Holland demo’d two Danley Sound Labs TH-115 subwoofers and later purchased eight of them, citing the subs size, weight, cost and moer usable output as discerning factors.”A major push in this business is size and weight due to rising transportation costs,” Holland explains. “But I won’t go down in size just to save money. It has to sound better, too. In my experience, these subs are unparalleled in their impact and accuracy in sound reproduction. Danley has managed to develop a horn sub that is completely musical. I can’t see buying any other kind of subwoofer.”

Holland’s first real-world test of his new subs was at the weeklong Branded by Fire youth conference of Hearts Ablaze, a ministry of Brownsville Assembly, at the Pensacola Civic Center. The program included aggressive rock, speech and high-energy praise in a 10,000-seat venue. A half-house setup was used for the 3,000 attendees. To cover the space, Holland originally set up a total of 10 Danley TH-115s (his eight, plus the two demo subs) but downsized to six as he discovered that would provide more than enough power. He adds, “During rehearsals, I experimented with just four of the Danley subs for the entire venue. Amazingly, it worked quite well, but I didn’t want to drive them at those levels all week. These subs are extremely impressive.”

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