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Soundwave Research Labs Offers Technology Licenses

Soundwave Research Laboratories Inc., technology developers and makers of Crowley and Tripp brand microphones, based in Ashland, Mass., announced that it will soon offer licenses and technology packages to other microphone manufacturers.

The company’s shape memory acoustic material, which the company believes will replace other previously available materials such as foils or metallized plastics, will be offered to both small and large manufacturers during a limited period beginning September 2007.

“We intend to offer fair licensing terms to all microphone manufacturers, around the time of the rollout of our next-generation materials, in order to reduce possible unlicensed use of our intellectual property,” says Robert J. Crowley, an inventor with more than 100 U.S. and foreign patents to date. “Our new shape retaining materials have been specifically designed to deliver the highest fidelity sound reproduction while providing much better strength, durability, consistency and reliability than any conventional materials—they are simply amazing. It would be very hard to accept the limitations of ‘foils’ after seeing what we have done.”

The offering coincides with additional patent activity by the company across Europe, Japan and China, in addition to the U.S.

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