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Source Elements Source-Connect VPN

Source Elements has announced the release of Source-Connect VPN, an upgrade to the Source-Connect Pro Tools networking plug-in. Source-Connect VPN aims to bring secure streaming audio directly from one Pro Tools system to another using leased and privately owned lines. As a complement to Source-Connect, the VPN upgrade provides an additional layer of network control. Together, they allow direct-to-timeline recording with real-time, broadcast-quality audio using only T1, Cable or DSL Internet connections from anywhere in the world.

Source-Connect and Source Connect VPN aim to eliminate the need for ISDN lines, hardware, subscription fees and minute-by-minute line charges, enabling affordable high-quality connections between studios, voiceover talent and musicians.

Source-Connect VPN is an upgrade for Source-Connect users who want to use private networks and is specifically designed to leverage leased lines purchased with dedicated bandwidth SLAs and high QoS. Source-Connect VPN operates in complex custom networks and connects in direct peer-to-peer mode between users; no Internet access is required. Source-Connect VPN is compliant with all router security measures, encryption and networks.

Source-Connect VPN is available for immediate download from and is priced as a $495 upgrade to the core version of Source-Connect.

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