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Spectral Computers PC Solutions

Spectral’s RM-7000

Spectral Computers has announced a new line of high-powered Windows-based computer systems—two standard systems plus a custom-build option—each optimized for audio and qualified by leading software manufacturers.

Spectral Computers have been designed, built, tested and qualified as meeting or exceeding the exacting system requirements of pro audio software by all such major suppliers as Digidesign, Steinberg, TC Electronic, Native Instruments, Cakewalk, Gigastudio, M-Audio and others.

Spectral Computers are designed to maximize the throughput of AV data, providing the features required by today’s audio creation software. The Spectral range is able to process significantly more AV data at higher speeds, while the installed Windows XP operating system has been deeply optimized to clear out unnecessary features and applications.

Spectral Computers can be customized to deliver a faster processor, more RAM or a special hardware/software configuration. Spectral Computers are based on an open architecture, which allows a system to be upgraded as performance needs increase. Additional features include automatic thermal regulation and automatic data backup/recovery.

The Spectral line is based around two standard products: the RM-5000 and RM-7000. Spectral Computers feature the latest Serial ATA drives which operate at speeds up to 10,000 rpm, resulting in faster access times. The RM-7000 system includes a removable drive to use for backup purposes, in addition to storing samples, loops and VST instrument libraries.

The RM-5000 is based around a 3U rack-mount case with a low-noise cooling and automatic temperature control system. Featuring an Intel motherboard with 865 chipset and 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 800 FSB Hyper Threading 1 MB L2 Cache, the unit comes with 1 GB of 400 MHz dual-channel RAM and a 160 GB SATA 7,200 RPM system drive with 8 MB cache, and a 160 GB SATA 7,200 RPM, 8 MB cache audio storage drive. The unit features 3 IEEE1394 (FireWire) ports and 6 USB 2.0 ports, a built-in DVD-R/W 8x drive, onboard Intel video card and 10/100 LAN port, plus keyboard and optical mouse. The OS is Windows XP Home. The RM-7000’s processor is 3.4 GHz, and the system hard drive is 74 GB 10,000 RPM SATA with 4.5 ms seek time. All models include spare drive and card bays for upgrades and add-ons.

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