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SSL Console Installed in CBS Studio 58

CBS Television’s Studio 58, site of The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, has answered the call for 5.1-channel broadcast and a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure with the installation of a Solid State Logic C100 digital broadcast console.

According to production mixer Otto Svoboda, the C100 represents an important upgrade for Studio 58. “The C100 is loaded with features that broadcast mixers need,” Svoboda says. “First and foremost, we were looking for a digital console that was 5.1-capable. The C100 has made that a very easy transition.” Svoboda says the C100 allows Studio 58 to “interface with the rest of the building digitally through our digital routers and digital tape machines. We also wanted a lot of inputs without a tremendous footprint for the console.”

Primarily designed for on-air and live-to-tape production applications, Solid State Logic’s C100 provides simultaneous 5.1, stereo and mono signal paths directly from source through to destination. The console features 80 mix buses for the numerous talent, communication and production area mixes.

That flexibility was especially important for the fast-paced, varied segments that comprise The Late Late Show, says Svoboda. “In TV sound,” he explains, “we deal so much now with iso tracks, where we have to send various microphones—like music effects and audience reaction—for insurance and for editing purposes. Often, those have to come in various flavors—pre-fader, post-EQ, post-processing, post-fader; whatever it may be. The C100 makes it incredibly easy to be able to provide those iso mixes.”

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