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SSL Sigma δelta Version 2 Software Package

Solid State Logic in Oxford, UK, recently released a Version 2 software package for its Sigma remote-controlled analog summing mixer. Sigma owners can take advantage of three-way round-trip control and DAW-based analog automation with SSL’s δelta-Control (δ-Ctrl) plug-in technology, the new Sigma Remote Control App, and MIDI-Over-Ethernet MCU control.

This upgrade includes the V. 2 Sigma δelta firmware and the new Remote Control App (Windows or Mac OSX), and is available via Sigma Owners’ My SSL registered user profile on the SSL Website.

δelta-Control technology uses DAW plug-in architecture to enable automation of the Sigma δelta analog signal path. This streamlines Sigma as a stand-alone mix environment and also allows existing DAW automation to be transformed into SSL SuperAnalogue automation, as well as enabling easy transfer of Sigma δelta sessions to Duality or AWS-equipped studios.

The main interface for δelta-Control is a native AAX/RTAS/VST/VST3 plug-in inserted into DAW mix or aux channels. The plug-in sends and receives Sigma level and mute control data via the SSL Logictivity Network (Ethernet), which can be recorded, viewed, edited, and played back as normal plug-in automation. The Paste Special command can be used to copy existing DAW fader automation data into the δelta-Control plug-in.

Sigma δelta volume and mute control data can be entered using the plug-in GUI, or by direct control of the Sigma hardware via either an SSL MCU control surface, such as Nucleus, or the new Sigma Remote Control App.

Audio on the DAW track passes through the plug-in slot unprocessed so the δelta-Control plug-in can be combined with other DAW plug-ins.

The δelta-Control plug-in is available to purchase exclusively from the SSL online store and is compatible with AAX, RTAS, VST and VST3 plug-in platforms.

The new Sigma Remote Control Application offers full control of all Sigma functions, plus storage and recall of saved settings from Mac or PC. The user interface provides a series of intuitive pages that make controlling Sigma’s feature set straightforward. Three main screens provide control and setup of the Master Section, Channel Control, and Global Settings parameters. Every parameter can be saved for future recall making swapping between projects simple and efficient.

MCU control for Sigma facilitates direct control over the Sigma analog mix path and monitor switcher from SSL’s Nucleus DAW controller or any other SSL, MCU enabled control surface. Sigma’s MCU control requires no DAW host to function, only an active Remote Control App.

Combined with the Nucleus, Sigma becomes a fully integrated 32-into-4 automated line mixer, with full monitoring and talkback capabilities.

δelta-Control is not currently available for the AU plug-in platform (Apple Logic).

For Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, and Ableton Live, δelta-Control plug-in stores its volume data using exactly the same dB law as the DAW fader volume data and will translate to Sigma channels with a reported accuracy of better than 0.2 dB.

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