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SSL VHD Input Module, Stereo Bus Compressor Module

Solid State Logic announces two new components for the X-Rack modular rack system: the VHD Input Module and the Stereo Bus Compressor Module (prices TBA).

Stereo Bus Compressor Module

The Stereo Bus Compressor Module makes the center-section compressor from SSL G-Series consoles available for the X-Rack system. The Stereo Bus Compressor Module is a two-rackspace unit that delivers the tonal characteristic of the G-Series Compressor, with the added benefit of SSL’s SuperAnalogue circuit design. The module has classic Threshold, Attack, Ratio, Release and Make Up controls. True stereo sidechain input is accompanied by a “link” feature, which enables users to combine multiple Stereo Bus Compressor Modules for surround processing.

X-Rack can be configured as an analog-summing mixer when loaded with Stereo Bus Compressor 4-input, 8-input and Master Modules. it also has a gain reduction meter and balanced XLR connectors.

VHD Input Module

The VHD Input Module is based on the input section of the SSL E-Signature Channel 1U rackmount processor. The VHD Input module combines a high-bandwidth mic amp stage that can handle mic, instrument or line inputs; SSL’s Variable Harmonic Drive circuit; an additional line input/trim control section; a set of highpass and lowpass filters; and the classic Listen Mic Compressor.

SSL’s VHD system is a 100-percent analog circuit that adds a variable blend of second or third harmonic distortion to an audio signal. At relatively low-input gain settings, VHD preamps are said to deliver clean recordings. By increasing the input gain and adjusting the VHD control, the user can inject source recordings with ’50s tube-style overdrive to hard-edged ’70s transistor-style grit, or any blend of the two.

When loaded with Mic Input, VHD Input, EQ and Dynamics Modules, X-Rack can be configured as a recording and processing system to serve as a DAW front end.

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