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StarCity Recording Company Installs Performance Stage

StarCity Recording Company in Bethlehem, Penn. converted an existing and underutilized theater room into a performance stage to be used for recording tracks, artist showcases, Web casts and rehearsals. Constructed from wood and natural products per designer Martin Pilchner, the 28×12-foot stage offers greater flexibility to musicians using the facility.

“I’m always looking for interesting places to record, and I’ve thought our theater room would create a fantastic sound,” says Jeff Glixman, executive vice president of StarCity Recording Company. “The theater wasn’t being used on any projects, so we took what is our second largest acoustically controlled space, built the stage and relocated the 30 seats contained within the room. My hopes have been surpassed because the room sounds incredible.”

According to Glixman, the key to the performance stage is its ability to be used as a tracking room controlled by the Axiom MT Plus in the studio’s Plus room. Featuring a hard disk recording setup, clients can also record locally in the Stage room, making it a cost-effective option for musicians looking to record in an ideal environment.

The Stage will soon host its first recording session as Simone, daughter of legendary singer and songwriter Nina Simone, begins tracking songs for a tribute project dedicated to her mother. Prior to deciding to work on this project at StarCity, Simone participated in a showcase in the Stage room, where, backed by a nine-piece band, she performed for approximately 20 guests.

“The sound of the room for Simone’s live performance was exceptional,” Glixman recalled. “And the feedback we received from those in attendance was extremely positive. We’re eager to begin tracking Simone’s project to see how far we can push the room in creating high-quality sounding music.”

For more information on StarCity’s performance stage, including rates and availability, please contact Lily Salinas at [email protected].

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