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Steinberg Groove Agent 3

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH has updated its Groove Agent VST instrument with Version 3 ($325), which retains the Classic Groove Agent module and adds two new modules, Special Agent and Percussion Agent.

In Dual Mode, any two of the three modules can be combined in a virtual jam session for greater dynamics and variety. V. 3 also offers new acoustic kits and digital drum machines, as well as 42 new drum styles for more than 120 styles in all, plus hundreds of percussion performances that include unusual time signatures.

A Drum Sample Import feature allows Groove Agent 3 to use almost any drum sound for its grooves, beats and fills, with separate dry and ambient samples for creating a virtual drum kit miked up in its own room. Groove Agent’s Alternating Hits feature uses alternating samples to avoid repetitive sounds. Auto Fill intelligently generates fills to help produce dynamic backing tracks for improvising on other instruments. A new FX section offers a new EQ and compressor, with new presets ready for each drum component as well as each kit.

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