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Steinberg WaveLab Essential

Steinberg Media Technologies’ WaveLab Essential 6 (approx. $137) combines audio editing, mastering and CD burning features with a new, integrated podcasting module.

CD Montage recording and editing facilities offer 32-bit/96kHz recording and sample-accurate editing. WaveLab Essential 6 also offers a range of effects plug-ins and an integrated Red Book-compatible CD burning engine. The integrated video track also allows easy creation of professional audio montages and soundtracks for home videos.

The new podcasting components add an Internet publishing toolset, including audio upload, site handling and more. Integrated into the audio-editing environment, the podcast module includes a full FTP client, support for the RSS 2 standard, as well as easy-to-use templates that guide newcomers in easy steps into the world of online audio publishing.

WaveLab Essential 1 customers can upgrade to the new version for approximately $82.

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