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Steinberg WaveLab Studio 6

Steinberg Media Technologies announces WaveLab Studio 6 ($399), a streamlined version of its WaveLab 6 audio editing and mastering application that is tailored for project studios and musicians. WaveLab Studio 6 offers comprehensive stereo and multitrack editing and CD burning features.

WaveLab Studio 6 includes the Audio Montage editing environment from WaveLab 6, which offers non-destructive stereo and multichannel editing functions. WaveLab Studio 6 also features a sample-accurate 32-bit audio engine, as well as support for a number of audio formats and sample rates. The real-time audio engine also allows clip-based, track-based and global use of effect plug-ins.

WaveLab Studio 6 also offers analysis tools, including resizable displays such as Spectrum Window, FFT metering, oscilloscope, phase and 3-D frequency view.

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